About us

Our aim is better e-learning

Doing Better is a full-service e-learning company which helps organizations to get the maximum result from their training plans. We accomplish this by working closely with experts in education and creative multimedia professions.

“Helping your organization move forward is what makes us happy!”



Helping organizations with tailormade e-learning solutions which inspires.


Core values

Doing Better has a heart for education. This means an honest advice, committed to the client, passion for e-learning and the ambition to deliver a top performance so that course takers benefit.



Effective e-learning starts with a solid educational fundament. That is why that is our top priority.



To improve the level of e-learning by cleverly initiating media and instructional design.




Nora makes sure that everything is going smoothly behind the scenes as well. She is an expert on Finance and business processes.

Role within organization:


Founder Doing Better

Due to Danny’s experiences in education and the e-learning industry Danny has developed his own views on what he believes is good e-learning.

Role within the organization:
Project Management, Instructional Design, E-learning Developer, LMS Administration

Carla en Andrea

Graphic Design

Carla and Andrea are responsible for the design of various elements within e-learning courses. They are also stars in customizing Moodle environments.

Role within the organization:
Graphic design,
Moodle customization


Graphic Design

Dolores a Desktop Publisher with a passion for graphic design. Dolores is also a skilled e-learning developer.

Role within the organization: 
Graphic Design.
E-learning Developer


Video Production

Marvin is a driven cameraman and loves filming on site. He makes sure the video tells the story in the proper way. Marvin is also a skilled e-learning developer.

Role within the organization:
Video producer,
E-learning developer


Concepts – Animation

Louis is a true artist and offer his skills to Doing Better by creating explainer animations. He makes a complicated instruction a simple story.

Role within the organization:


Dutch Voice Over

When it comes to presenting and hosting events you go to Marlies. Her clear voice is often heard in our e-learning courses and animations.

Role within the organization:
Dutch Voice Over


Transcription and translation

Marinka has an extensive network of translators and transcribers. This ideal when your course needs to be developed in multiple languages.

Role within the organization:
Translation and transcription



Denise is responsible for all the ins and outs of Learning Management
Systems (LMS) for clients of Doing Better. Among other things, her
activities include creating and managing user accounts and content in
the system. Denise is also a ‘Quality Officer’, which means that she
checks internally delivered work in terms of user experience and
technical functionality. The strengths of Denise are her versatility and

Role within the organization:
LMS Administrator
Quality Officer
E-learning Developer


Junior E-Learning Specialist

As an E-learning specialist I am responsible for design and realization of e-learning courses.

I do this by making agreements with the clients about the specifications of the course with an extra touch of graphic design, user experience and didactics. With my qualities in graphic design and photography, I can make you a beautiful course.

Role within organization: 
Graphic design
E-learning Developer

“Good e-learning is exciting, sustainable, measurable and results in efficient learning. People book improvements because of it, and that excites us!”

Danny Bogers

Founder Doing Better