Interactive e-learning game focused on cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is an important topic for companies, as there are numerous risks and dangers on the internet. How can you raise awareness among your employees about the best ways to protect themselves against cyberattacks? A good interactive e-learning module can help with this! An e-learning module is an online learning program that you can follow […]

Guess who’s back!

Doing Better welcomes “new” member to the team   Let me start by introducing myself (again): my name is Denise Bijl, I’m 24 years old, and I study English language and culture at University Leiden. I’m a perfectionist with eye for detail. This is partly the reason why I ended up working with Danny in […]

Moodle Migration

Moodle Migration The first project I worked on since I joined Doing Better, was the migration of 80+ courses from Sakai to Moodle. This was for one of our partners, Mhasmo. EIT, a client of Mhasmo, had been using Sakai LMS as platform for all their courses and asked us to migrate most of them […]