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E-learning what works!

No matter wat form of e-learning you choose, we make sure it is e-learning what works. We achieve this by creating a good learning-and user experience by applying proven learning theories supported by a good mix of illustraion, photography, animation, video, audio and interaction. No more boring e-learning!

Learn online

Mobile Learning

Nowadays it seems we cannot get by without a smartphone and spend quite some screen time on entertainment. So why not spend that screen time on learning?

Learning at the convenience of the course taker via smartphone or tablet. That is mobile learning by Doing Better!

Software simulation

Are you looking for a simple but effective way to teach new software? Then a software simulation could be the right solution for you.

We create a realistic environment where the course taker can practice safely. A great way to familiarize your course takers with software!

Good advice

We will help you to find the right training solution for your organization even if that is not an e-learning solution. Let’s talk!


LMS Administration

Let us save you from the trouble of managing your digital learning environment or LMS.

Do you use Moodle? In that case we can also customize the environment to meet your requirements.

Gamification and serious games

A great way to motivate course takers and teach them while playing!

This method uses gaming elements such as a gameshow, levels, role playing games and leader boards. Besides this being an effective way of learning it is also fun!


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