There are many applications that you can use for e-learning. This is great, but it can also make it harder to understand the possibilities. To give you an idea of what these possibilities can look like, we will explain some of the most used applications. 



A course might be the most obvious one. This can be about knowledge of a product or service. There is specific knowledge that needs to be transferred during the course. 


For a training it might be needed that certain skills are trained. It is possible to add a quiz or assessment at the end of the training to find out if the participant has successfully made the skill his own. 


In certain professional fields, e-learning can also be used for recruitment purposes. For example, by including a short quiz, a potential candidate can determine right away whether he/she is suitable for the job. 


Learn by doing. In gamification, you utilize one or more game elements. In this way, you can make learning more engaging, easier, and above all, more enjoyable. 


An e-learning that’s not visible, but is audible. This is a relatively new way of e-learning, but it can be a solution for people who or frequently on the move. 


In some e-learnings, there is a strict requirement that one must reach a certain level of knowledge by the end. You can incorporate this into the course through the use of an assessment. This also makes it possible for you to see which subjects may need more explanation.  


For many large companies, it is mandatory for new employees to first become familiar with the company, its departments, and its roles when they join the company. An e-learning course is a powerful way to quickly and effectively share a lot of specific information with that individual. 

Micro learning

Micro learnings are small pieces of e-learning that don’t take much time and are straight to the point. 

Mobile learning

Mobile learning makes it possible for you to follow e-learning modules on any device (computer, table, phone).

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