Creating E-learning for Hydro Extrusion Drunen


About Hydro Extrusion Drunen

The aluminium manufacturing plant in Drunen specializes in extruding long-length profiles as well as machined components that are ready for assembly. An aluminium casthouse is also part of the manufacturing site in Drunen.

Drunen is all about aluminium

Small & middle sized aluminium profiles. With its 2 extrusion presses, the aluminium manufacturing plant in Drunen specializes in extruding long-length profiles as well as machined components that are ready for assembly.

Bending & Machining

The in-house service center for bending, machining & infrastructure parts (Pole Products) makes an expanded range of aluminium solutions possible.


An aluminium remelting facility is also belonging to the extrusion facility in Drunen. This casthouse produced last year extrusion billets from 74% of recycled material, both post-consumer and post-industrial scraps.

And that’s not all!

Thanks to the coordinated cooperation between the extrusion factories in the Benelux, there are almost no limits to the development of new innovative aluminum solutions.

The request

Hydro Extrusion just started using oZone LMS to distribute online courses for their workforce. When acquiring oZone a full spread of online courses came instantly available from the oZone library. Which, of course, is a brilliant addition to get their workforce started with online learning.

What was missing however was a custom training which covers their site-specific safety and onboarding procedures. Hydro Extrusions tackled onboarding and safety training via an Instructor Led Training (ILT) program. In order to optimize these instructors led meetings, Hydro Extrusion requested Doing Better to create online modules for these topics so (new) colleagues would be able to get online training before entering the Instructor Led courses. This way, colleagues would have more prior knowledge on the topics and more room is created to answer questions and get more in depth insights in the various procedures.

Also, there was a need of receiving some guidance and pointers in creating online courses so Hydro Extrusion would not be a 100% dependent of external suppliers.

The team involved

Creating e-learning is a team effort. At least, that is what we believe at Doing Better. And introduction of the team line-up for this project is mentioned below.

Ben van der Heijden | Subject Matter Expert | Hydro Extrusion
Ben is Training Coordinator at Hydro Extrusion in Drunen, the Netherlands.
Ben had a vital role in Instructor Led Training, distributing courses via the Ozone LMS and creating new training material. His input as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) is crucial for the success of the development of the online courses.

Renate Lutt | Instructional Designer | E-learning Developer | Doing Better
Renate is Junior E-learning Specialist at Doing Better. Some of Renate’s strengths are; thinking of creative problem-solving solutions, having an eye for graphic design, having great communication skills and is good with a camera. She took on the role of E-learning Developer and Instructional Designer for this project which means she develops the storyboard, meets with the client and gets creative using a variety of tools.

Denise Bijl | Quality Officer | Doing Better
Denise is Learning Management System Specialist and Quality Officer at Doing Better. Some of Denise’s strengths are; being very accurate, having a strong command of the Dutch language, experienced in testing content from a course taker perspective. She took on the role of Quality Officer for this project. From this role she checked al deliverables (storyboards and media) before they went to the client.

Danny Bogers | Instructional Designer | E-learning Specialist | Project Manager | Doing Better
Danny is E-learning Specialist at Doing Better. Some of Danny’s strengths are; thinking of creative problem-solving solutions, having an eye for Instructional Design, has a lot of experience in designing/creating e-learning and good communication skills. He took on the role of Project Manager for this project. Which means he acts as the first point of contact with the client, manages the design and development process.

What we’ve done and applying ADDIE.


First course of action was Analyzing the needs and goals of Hydro Extrusion. Together with Ben we went through the

learning goals, available material, technical requirements, target audience, learning theory, budget and possibilities of Ozone. We created an initial planning and agreed on responsibilities, delivery dates and how the review process will look like.

Designing the courses (Storyboarding)

Considering the results of the analysis phase we started on writing and

designing the content. We created screen-mockups and described animation, interaction and voice-over media in order to get a good blueprint of the course. Renate and Danny were very much involved guarding the balance of educational value, graphic design and user experience. Ben reviewed the versions of the storyboards specifically on the correct interpretation of the contents. Denise checks the Storyboards on spelling, understandability and design consistency.

Developing the courses

After the final storyboard was reviewed and approved by Ben, Renate could go ahead with creating the content. As the authoring tool of Ozone LMS is a great tool for building basic interaction and course structure we used Adobe Photoshop and Vyond to enrich the course to create better user engagement. By using these tools, we were able to be consistent in the appearance of the courses embedded in Ozone. Also using the animation created in Vyond we added some flair to the course and made it easier for the course taker to absorb the information. As there are is a lot of software out there to create animation, we chose Vyond as it is easy to use and has a rich library of templates to get you started. As Hydro’s need is to be able to create courses themselves, we introduced this online tool to Hydro and let Ben explore its features.

Implementation of the courses

After Denise and finally Ben reviewed and approved the content the courses were ready to be added online a be part of Ozone for Hydro Solutions. As the courses were developed mainly in Ozone, implementation of the courses was a simple as clicking a button. It was now up to Ben to distribute the courses to the target audience.


To know if we did a good job in developing these courses for Hydro we need to take a look at the impact they have. A date has been set between Doing Better and Hydro Extrusion to measure and to discuss the impact of the courses created. As a result of this future discussion we will explore ways to improve the content where necessary and optimize our process for future projects.

What does our client say?

Through the A&O fund I came in contact with Doing Better. I got to know both Danny and Renate as skilled people who know what they want, have knowledge and who are open to working on the assignment together.

Our assignment was two-parted, E-Learning development for Onboarding and Safety and teaching me how I can do this myself in the future. This worked out very well. I have learned and received the tools to do this myself. They showed that they handled our question in a creative way. The result is a wonderful digital lesson about Onboarding and Safety.

I can definitely recommend Doing Better! Thanks for the nice and constructive collaboration. I wish you all the best and good luck for the future.

Ben van der Heijden

Training coordinator