Gamification de Krom bestratingen BV


Do gaming and learning go together?

Yes, they do! One learning solution we can apply is gamification. With gamification, we leverage the gaming effect.

In this way, you can learn without even realizing it. The course consists of elements that you can also find in games, such as role-lay, scores, mini-games, and so on. Throughout the game, the learner – or gamer – is presented with various exercises, and essential information is provided while playing.

For example, we had the opportunity to create an introductory module with gamification for De Krom Bestratingen BV. They employ workers in different roles and with varying skill levels. The course needs to be equally clear and manageable for everyone.

It certainly was a challenge, but by designing the course like a game, we were able to offer a suitable solution!

Within the game, we developed various interactions. One interaction is the drag and drop. In this exercises, the learner drags from one place to another. When the right item is placed in the correct spot, a pop-up with information appears. We also used drag and drop for an exercise where you need to dress for work, including the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). Throughout the e-learning, you can earn points, and the
course’s look and feel really give you the gaming experience.

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