Guess who's back!


Doing Better welcomes “new” member to the team


Let me start by introducing myself (again): my name is Denise Bijl, I’m 24 years old, and I study English language and culture at University Leiden. I’m a perfectionist with eye for detail. This is partly the reason why I ended up working with Danny in the past. He appreciated my precision and offered me the roles LMS Administrator and Quality Officer. In other words, I supported clients within their learning management systems and checked all of our content for language accuracy and user experience before it was sent to the client.

New role

Over the past two years, I took some detours with Doing Better out of sight, but fortunately, my contact with Danny has never faded away. And that’s a good thing, because our paths have crossed again on a professional level as well. Since the start of September, I’ve been active in my new role as Business Development Coordinator. In this role, I primarily focus on finding and reaching out to potential clients and maintaining relationships with existing clients. Additionally, I will support the team in project management and I will concentrate on social media marketing. As my studies suggest, I have a passion for languages. I hope to be valuable to the team when it comes to writing, proofreading, and translating texts.


With my new role also comes a new location. Doing Better has recently relocated to Het Patronaat. A beautiful building with great offices, delicious coffee, and, more importantly, a ping-pong table! Because, yes, you need to relax from time to time in order to stay productive. Danny is not the easiest opponent, but I hope to have won a game before Christmas.

I am really looking forward to working with Danny and the team again and am excited about a future filled with great projects and creative ideas!