Learning Innovators Festival 2023


Learning Innovators Festival 2023

It was a fantastic day at the Learning Innovators Festival in Utrecht on September 6th! I enjoyed the various workshops that I attended on AI, Blended Learning, Subsidy and Interactive Video.

The event was organized by Pluvo and attracted around 80 enthusiastic visitors. The workshops weren’t only educational, but also a lot of fun and very creative. I got to play a game to invent learning solutions with Isabelle Langeveld, I was taught how to create effective prompts at the AI workshop, and and had the opportunity to get hands-on with HiHaHo’s Interactive Video tool at the Interactive Video Workshop.


It was also very enjoyable to have a drink and network with other e-learning professionals afterwards. I gained a lot of inspiration and new ideas, and I’m curious about what will be on display and happening at this event next year. I definitely hope to be part of it again, along with some colleagues from Doing Better.

This is an event you don’t want to miss if you’re interested in innovation in learning!