Old Love Does Not Rust: The Renewed Collaboration

Joelle Bakx
Learning Management System
Project Management

After a brief hiatus, the well-known collaboration between Doing Better and Zoetis has been rekindled. With the fitting title ‘old love does not rust’, we proudly announce that Doing Better will once again take on the functional management of the Learning Management System (LMS), SAP SuccessFactors, for Zoetis.

This renewed partnership is a testament to the trust and mutual respect that both parties have cultivated. It’s an opportunity to build on a foundation of success and to explore new possibilities with both familiar faces and new team members.

For Doing Better, this means a return to a project that is not only challenging and rewarding but also brings a sense of coming home. For Zoetis, it’s a step forward in the continuous improvement of their LMS, a critical component for training and developing their staff.

We look forward to the innovations and enhancements that this collaboration will bring. Clearly, in the world of technology and business relationships, old love can indeed rust, but the partnership between Doing Better and Zoetis remains as strong as ever.