An e-learning course with training for Hydro


About Hydro

Hydro is a leading industrial company committed to a sustainable future. As an aluminium extrusion company, they operate globally in 40 countries, with 150 facilities and 30,000 employees.

The Team

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The purpose

An e-learning development for onboarding and safety, teaching the client how to do it themselves in the future.

What we delivered

By listening carefully to the customer, we were able to choose an LMS that aligns with their preferences. In oZone, we applied various functionalities, including animations, hotspots, images, text, document uploads, and quizzes.

We creatively utilized these functionalities for the Onboarding and Safety e-learning courses. The customer wanted to be trained by us so that they could set up e-learning themselves in the future, and that was successfully achieved. We developed both training programs into storyboards and organized the modules from there. We also explained the LMS environment so that the customer could navigate it independently.

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