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Doing Better delivers digital architecture module for BBio

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About Bilthoven Biologicals

Bilthoven Biologicals (BBio) is a leading company in the field of vaccine development and production. BBio is committed to continuous improvement of its processes and products, and therefore invests in the training and development of its employees. One of the areas BBio wants to focus more on is digital architecture: the design, construction, and management of digital systems that support the company's operations.

The Team


The purpose

To provide its employees with the necessary knowledge and skills in this area, BBio has asked Doing Better to develop an e-learning module. Doing Better has previously collaborated with BBio on various e-learning projects, giving them a good understanding of BBio’s learning objectives, target audience, and culture.

What we delivered

The module consists of chapters, each addressing a different aspect of digital architecture. In each chapter, participants receive explanations, examples, exercises, and feedback. The module is designed to be interactive, visual, and auditory, providing participants with an enjoyable and varied learning experience.

The e-learning module was developed by Theo Ybema, an experienced e-learning developer at Doing Better. He collaborated closely with BBio’s subject matter expert, who determined the content and tone of the module. Theo structured and refined the learning needs and content, using animation, interaction, and a clear voice-over (narrated by Marlies van Lier) to bring the module to life. The result is a beautiful, clear, and engaging e-learning module that helps participants understand and apply the fundamental principles of digital architecture.

The result

The e-learning module Digital Architecture is already the fifth e-learning module that Doing Better has had the privilege of developing for BBio, in addition to providing support in the LMS domain. Doing Better is proud to be BBio’s e-learning partner and looks forward to many more future projects. Together, we are working to enhance the quality and impact of e-learning in the biotech sector.

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