Early Bridge

Doing Better develops various e-learning modules for Early Bridge

Together with Early Bridge, we have developed various e-learning modules. By involving experts, we have created modules through which the learner goes through the course material alongside the subject matter expert.

About Early Bridge

Early Bridge is located in Amsterdam and focusses on development and training within companies. They assist organizations in achieving greater customer focus, increased sales, and efficiency. This is accomplished through a combination of consultancy and training, always teaching employees to view things from the customer's perspective and helping them understand why satisfied customers are so important.

The Team

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The purpose

By using e-learning, the client aims to transfer knowledge with the goal of meeting the requirements for a formal certificate, and they do this interactively using various types of media.

What we delivered

For a client of Early Bridge, several e-learning modules have been developed in the field of food safety. The series of modules was created using Adobe Captivate and designed in the client’s corporate identity. In this course, we have developed scenarios in which the learner goes through the course material alongside the digital subject matter expert.

On behalf of Early Bridge, we have completely modernized an e-learning module on food safety. The original e-learning consisted of plain text and exam questions, but we transformed it into an interactive experience. In the new version, four experts guide you through various areas of knowledge. We have added interactive learning solutions, such as animations, infographics, illustrations, and quizzes. The entire course is also accompanied by voice-over narration. The final product still leads to a formal certificate, which is mandatory in various industries.

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