De Krom B.V

Successful e-learning with gamification for De Krom

We have developed an e-learning program for De Krom that helps all employees become the face of the company. It serves as a solid foundation for employees, providing courses on various new developments in the future. This includes topics such as the energy transition, how to be a good employee, and how to conduct themselves in outdoor spaces.

About De Krom B.V

De Krom is a family-owned company based in Etten-Leur and Eindhoven, specializing in paving, sewerage, and groundwork. There is a strong emphasis on innovation, digitalization, and efficiency to remain a leader in the industry. The knowledge gained from collaborations with colleagues and clients is valuable to De Krom.

The Team

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The purpose

At De Krom, we employ true professionals who also train their own staff. Moreover, we take pride in being different from other companies. Our goal is to be the ‘paver 2.0’ and to continue in this way! Each staff member receives ‘the De Krom education’ and is expected to be presentable.

De Krom plans to use e-learning annually to further educate its employees. This training included all the key points we find important and how to conduct oneself in public spaces.

For new employees, the e-learning will also help them acquire the right De Krom attributes.

What we delivered

Instructional design
We were able to create an introductory module with gamification for De Krom Bestratingen BV. De Krom employs people in various roles and with different levels of expertise. The course should be equally clear and manageable for everyone.

Digital learning environment 
In collaboration with Purple Mountain, we delivered an e-learning environment in which all employees can participate in a fun and interactive manner. It provides a solid foundation for employees in the future, offering courses on all new developments.

We assisted with the course design, implementation, and certificate development. Additionally, we focused on creating a storyboard and the course content.

The course is designed like a game, using gamification. This makes it seem like the learner is playing a game while they are actually learning. This approach keeps it engaging and maintains attention better than long blocks of texts. For this course, we used animations, illustrations, and various interactive learning solutions like drag & drops and hotspots.

Within the game, we developed various interactions. One of them is drag and drop, where the learning moves items from one place to another. When he correct stone is placed in the right spot, a pop-up with information appears. We also used drag and drop for an exercise where the learner must dress for work, including the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Throughout the e-learning, you can earn points, and the course’s look and feel truly create a gaming experience.

This course is ideal for introducing all new employees to who De Krom is and the (house) rules they follow. The e-learning can also serve as a refresher for current employees.

The result

After the delivery, the platform is being well-utilized. Refresher courses are created for existing employees, and new colleagues also receive a course on the company’s principles and values. The courses presented as games are well-received by the learners. They find it much more enjoyable than reading instructions on paper, and the information also sticks better.

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