Vyond update blog


Yes! Vyond has a new update.

Behind the scenes, we use a number of excellent programs, including the animation platform Vyond. When a new update is released, it usually makes our hearts beat faster.

Icons and illustration library:

Vyond had previously been quite clever in addressing the current situation with COVID-19. They released new assets such as face masks, hand sanitizers, and everything related to handwashing. But now they’ve expanded this with what they call the ‘Healthcare and Pharma Pack’. They’ve added a package of related assets for the healthcare, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries. In this pack, you’ll find over 140 new props and 9 templates, as well as 7 backgrounds that are applicable, and 40 new actions for adult characters and 2 for children.

New features

A new feature that had us jumping for joy is Curved Motion Path. If you’re thinking now, motion path… what was that again? Just imagine it as a way to guide a care from point A to point B.

Initially, motion paths could only be in a straight line. that’s perfect for that driving car, but if you want to illustrate that an airplane is flying around the world, you quickly run into limitations. Vyond must have thought that there had to be a better way because the update they’ve released for this offers endless possibilities.

Now you can choose how you want your motion path to flow. You can choose from the following categories:


In each category, there are multiple options available. For example, you can choose the direction it should go. Once you’ve selected a particular option, you can further customize it by adding extra path points, rotate the item clockwise or counterclockwise, and adjust the timing.

With this, you’re sure to have plenty of new possibilities to work with!


Align & distribute.

Finally, the option you didn’t know you were missing: align & distribute.

A great example is Vyond’s own example of cars parked in parking spaces. Manually positioning everything correctly takes a lot of time. With Align, you can easily position the cars in the same way, such as Align Top. If you want them evenly spaced, then you go for Distribute Horizontally, and you’re done!


Is it all just praise for this update then? To be honest, this update has truly been a significant addition. We were able to apply it immediately to projects, such as the one for De Krom, for example.

What we’re still missing is the ability to apply a single prop in the Align & Distribute feature. Sometimes you want to center a single prop in the middle, and that’s not possible yet. So far, that’s the only thing I’ve been able to discover. Knowing Vyond, a similar update in the future is sure to come!