Interactive e-learning game focused on cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is an important topic for companies, as there are numerous risks and dangers on the internet. How can you raise awareness among your employees about the best ways to protect themselves against cyberattacks? A good interactive e-learning module can help with this! An e-learning module is an online learning program that you can follow […]

Theo & Danny start podcast ‘E-Learning GOATS’ together

Danny Bogers is the founder and director of Doing Better, a company specialized in designing and developing e-learning solutions. He has a passion for learning and innovation and aims to share his knowledge and experience with others. That’s why, together with Theo Ybema, who is also an expert in online learning and animation, he started […]

Guess who’s back!

Doing Better welcomes “new” member to the team   Let me start by introducing myself (again): my name is Denise Bijl, I’m 24 years old, and I study English language and culture at University Leiden. I’m a perfectionist with eye for detail. This is partly the reason why I ended up working with Danny in […]

Informal Caregiving Support E-learning

Doing Better creates e-learning about informal caregiving support Over the past six months, we had the opportunity to develop an e-learning course for Mantelzorg Brabantse Wal. This organization represents a collaboration of regional informal caregiving support centers in Bergen op Zoom, Woensdrecht, and Steenbergen. Who are informal caregivers? Informal caregivers are individuals who provide long-term […]

Gamification for De Krom Bestratingen BV

Do gaming and learning go together? Yes, they do! One learning solution we can apply is gamification. With gamification, we leverage the gaming effect. In this way, you can learn without even realizing it. The course consists of elements that you can also find in games, such as role-lay, scores, mini-games, and so on. Throughout […]

Creating e-learning for Hydro Extrusion Drunen

About Hydro Extrusion Drunen The aluminium manufacturing plant in Drunen specializes in extruding long-length profiles as well as machined components that are ready for assembly. An aluminium casthouse is also part of the manufacturing site in Drunen. Drunen is all about aluminium Small & middle sized aluminium profiles. With its 2 extrusion presses, the aluminium […]